The Mindlin Laboratory was established to initiate research into the deterioration of suspension bridge main cable wires, work that has expanded into a major project on bridge cables and to a current focus of the Department on aging infrastructure in general. Today the Laboratory encompasses various projects related to deterioration of structural materials.

It also stands poised to develop a large and versatile walk-in test facility equipped and instrumented to produce accelerated deterioration in materials and structural elements under the action of multiple environmental agents including UV, moisture, heat and cold. Recent expansion of the Mindlin Laboratory includes instruments used to characterize chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of infrastructure materials. From small beginnings centered on a corrosion chamber, this research facility is growing into a uniquely versatile testing and research facility.

For further information contact Adrian Brügger at +1.212.854.8782, Raimondo Betti at +1.212.854.6388, or Huiming Yin at +1.212.851.1648.