Climate change, environmental deterioration, and materials and energy depletion have called much attention to the need for modernizing engineering practice and promoting sustainability in our infrastructure. SEML is a research facility aimed at characterizing the life cycle performance of novel and sustainable materials.

SEML objectives include:

  • Seeking new material manufacturing and processing methods to reduce the energy consumption in construction and lengthen the in-service life of structures.
  • Developing reliable test methods for characterization and health monitoring of existing materials and structures for their long-term performance.
  • Utilizing renewable energy resources and recycled materials without compromising production quality in civil engineering practice and with minimized additional cost.
  • Advancing the fundamental understanding of sustainable materials.

Current research focus: rheological characterization of warm mix asphalt; long-term performance of epoxy adhesives; infrastructure protection and preservation with polyurea coatings; solar energy utilization with functionally graded materials.

For further information contact Huiming Yin at +1.212.851.1648.