Students and Researchers

Undergraduate students may apply for daytime access (M-F, 9am-5pm) while graduate students and research staff may apply for 24/7 access. All student access permissions rescind on the 31st of May of every year. The "Extend Access" form may be submitted at any time during a current month of May to provide a seamless extension of access for the following year. All access applications submitted and approved during the month of May will automatically carry over unti May 31st of the following year.

Applications and Trainings

Link to the Carleton Lab User Policy Manual here.

Listed below are various access types that the Carleton Lab provides, links to the access applications are at the end of each description. All trainings expire two years after they have been taken, at which point TC2600 and TC0600 will have to be retaken; please take TC0950 (Lab Safety, Chemical Hygiene, and Hazardous Waste Management Refresher Training) instead of the initial training course if you have already completed the initial training course. Find which level of access is most appropriate for you and follow the link to fill out the corresponding form, "Research Access" is the most commonly needed level of access. Links to the required trainings are listed on the side. For more information about the trainings, see the Safety Training page on the Carleton Lab Website.

Research Access

This level of access is for semester-long lab courses, undergraduate and graduate independent research, student club work, Ph.D. research, teaching assistants, lab assistants, and SEAS tour guides, etc.


  • Requires official standing with Columbia University
  • Legitimate research need for use of the facilities of the laboratory
  • "Carleton Lab" Access Sticker obtained from lab management after filling out application and uploading appropriate certifications


  • Carleton Lab Site-Specific Training (TC2600)
  • Shop Safety Training (TC0600)
  • Lab Safety, Chemical Hygiene, and Hazardous Waste Management Initial Training (TC4951)
  • C-14 Certificate of Fitness if requesting 24-hour access

In order to be granted swipe access to Carleton, you must come to the Manager's office in 161 Engineering Terrace to receive an Access Sticker after you submit the Access Form.

Apply Here

Extend Access

Fill out this application if you have previously been approved for laboratory access and have lost access due to the yearly access purge on May 31st, or you have acquired a new CUID. If you have received a new CUID, you must first go to the office to receive a new sticker. All trainings must be valid for the entire year for the application to be approved. Do not fill out this form if you are requesting new access.

Apply Here

Upgrade to 24/7 Access

If you have recently obtained a C-14 Certificate of Fitness and would like to upgrade your access privileges to include all times outside of operating hours, simply fill out this form. You must be in possession of the card to be eligible for the upgrade.

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Carleton Laboratory Site-Specific Training

This training program is required of all laboratory users. The training course can be found: Training Center > Safety Courses > TC2600 - Carleton Laboratory Site-Specific Training.

Shop Safety Training

This training IS NOT a substitute for any machine-specific safety training. The training course can be found: Training Center > Safety Courses > TC0600 - Shop Safety Training.

Laboratory Safety/Chemical Hygiene/Hazardous Waste/Laboratory Fire Safety Training

Persons will need to complete this training to be allowed to handle any chemicals and to gain Research Access. The training course can be found: Training Center > Safety Courses > TC4951 - Lab Safety, Chemical Hygiene, and Hazardous Waste Management Initial Training.

Certificate of Fitness (C-14) Training

Any researcher who works in the Carleton Laboratory (including Burmister Laboratory) outside of normal operating hours (9:00am to 5:00pm M-F) must obtain a C-14 Certificate of Fitness. See the EH&S Website for further information on the C-14 Certificate of Fitness.