Housed on the mezzanine floor of the Carleton Laboratory, the SMaRT laboratory provides expertise and facilities for multidisciplinary research and education in advanced sensors, non-destructive evaluation devices, structural health monitoring, smart structures, robotics, and system control for civil infrastructure and military applications, with an emphasis on structural safety and system resilience against natural and man-made hazards.

Current research projects include the development of (1) high-performance vision sensors for remote displacement measurement, (2) novel electromagnetic sensors and data fusion for rapid and reliable detection of explosions, (3) intelligent robots for repair/rehabilitation of underground pipes, and (4) personnel blast protective systems.  The SMaRT laboratory also conducts long-term real-time monitoring of a number of highway and railway bridges, buildings, and historical monuments, together with development of data processing/analysis algorithms for structural damage detection and health diagnostics with an ultimate goal of enhancing structural safety and improving cost-effectiveness in post-event emergency response and long-term asset management.

For further information contact Maria Feng at +1.212.854.1288 or +1.212.854.1059