The Carleton lab boasts extensive field instrumentation and analysis capabilities, both for static and dynamic applications.

The lab’s areas of expertise encompass the following instrumentation types, for both a short and extended periods of time:

  • Static and dynamic strain instrumentation of large civil structures
  • Multi-point autonomous GPS-synchronized triaxial acceleration instrumentation
  • Multi-point differential GPS displacement instrumentation
  • Modal analysis of large civil structures, including natural frequencies, mode shapes, and damping estimations
  • Low and high-amplitude vibration sensing, from DC to high frequency

For further information on our capabilities, contact the lab management.

Weatherproof acceleration and differential GPS loggers deployed on the deck and cable of a suspension bridge
Weatherproof Acceleration and Differential GPS Loggers

Weatherproof GPS-synchronized acceleration loggers deployed on a bridge abutment
GPS-synchronized Acceleration Loggers on Abutment