Safety & Access

Carleton Lab is an active heavy civil engineering testing laboratory. This lab is not only subject to the standard safety regulations for chemical labs, as mandated by the FDNY, but also further safety regulations that are common in manufacturing facilities and construction sites.

All visitors and incoming students are asked to familiarize themselves with Carleton Lab's safety regulations and access policy.

Rules of Conduct

Link to the Carleton Lab User Policy Manual Here

  • Guests must register with lab management. “Browsing” of the lab is dangerous and will not be tolerated.
  • No laboratory property may be removed from the premises unless authorized by lab management.
  • The entire lab is an active forklift and crane area. Persons without rigging training must always yield to cranes and the forklift.
  • ANSI Z41 Steel toes must be worn by all persons performing heavy lifting or rigging. Open shoes, loose clothing, shorts and short skirts are prohibited in active lab spaces.
  • Eating and drinking is prohibited in active lab space.
  • Active machinery may only be approached under the express permission of the operator.
  • In order to use Carleton Lab equipment or have something fabricated in the machine shop, you will need to fill out and submit either a Testing Machine Request Form or a Fabrication Request Form, whichever is applicable for your situation.
  • Before you can perform new experiments that require the use of chemicals, you must fill out the Wet Chemical Procedure Form, and submit the completed form to lab management.