Experimental research in the Heffner Hydraulics Laboratory is investigating flow and transport in porous media systems from the nano-scale to the macro-scale.

Investigations at larger spatial scales are also being conducted via complimentary field-studies. Laboratory column tests are being used to quantify the processes responsible for pathogen transport in natural and artificially constructed cores of sand and sandy silt. Column tests are also being used to explore fluid transport and wettability issues during imbibition of wetting fluids into silica sands. At the nano-scale, non-wetting fluid invasion into nano-porous materials is being studied to quantify the potential for partially saturated nano-porous systems to be used as effective energy dissipaters.

In addition, experimental research in the Heffner Laboratory is being used to develop monitoring and testing systems for scientifically quantifying the behavior of different green roof technologies.

The Heffner laboratory has numerous standard and specialized equipment systems to measure the properties of fluids, soils and other porous materials. The laboratory also has two hydraulic benches with ancillary apparatus that support fluid mechanics laboratories for undergraduate civil and environmental engineering students.

For further information contact Steve Sun at +1.212.851.4371, or Marco Giometto at +1.212.853.1799.